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An In-Depth Overview of the Virtual Office Setup

If you are starting your own business and you want to save cash, and you would rather not sign a conventional lease for physical space before testing the waters of the business world, then you should considering setting up a virtual office.

What Is Virtual Office?

As its name suggests, such an office is not a brick and mortar office, rather it is exists virtually for all terms and purposes. Despite the lack of a physical venue, it functions just like a normal, traditional office. An office with a virtual setting will provide you address and communication services through which business professionalism can be maintained while traditional office costs are reduced.


The combination of the Information Age and technological innovation led to the emergence of the concept of offices in the virtual world. Rooted in the Industrial level, parallels have been drawn between this concept and the current work styles, particularly working from home. This concept is a sign that the executive suite industry has evolved. However, an executive suite lease not flexible enough to work for many business models and that is how the concept of virtual offices was spurred. The founding of “The Virtual Office, Inc.” back in 1994 marked the first commercial application of this concept.

How Virtual Office Works?

Virtual OfficeTechnically, with such an office you can conduct business and work from almost anywhere because of the technology currently available. If you are running a basic, small-scale business, your office could be in the airport, on the beach, in your car, in your home, or even on a mountaintop. In this case, the only basic hardware you will need is a laptop computer, especially if you might have to travel to client locations.

You can also consider the following equipment & hardware options:

Black and white/Color laser printer
CD burner
DVD burner
Fax machine
High-speed Internet access
Inkjet printer
Removable media storage
And more

You might also have to consider several software options to run your virtual office. Many of the software programs you will need will fall into the following categories:

E-mail programs
Internet browsers
Presentation software
Utility programs
Virus protection software

If you are running your business as a part of a group, you may need access to central files, coordinate scheduling, maintain a contact manager, etc. and as an alternative, you can avail these services from online management company.

What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Office?

Having virtual offices has become quite a trend in present times ever since the popularity of the Internet increased ten folds. Day by day, more and more businesses are bringing their services to virtual venues. One great sign that virtual offices are becoming far popular today is the significant increase in the practice of online shopping.

Hassle Free: Managing an actual physical is quite a hassle, when so many things have to be handled, however, having a virtual office makes things significantly easier and this is one of its biggest benefits.

Cost Effective: Having a physical office is undoubtedly costly, while on the other hand a business entrepreneur can actually manage to save quite a lot of money by having a virtual office.

Ample & Ideal Location: Not only is there vast space over the Internet for just about anyone to start a virtual office, but the internet is also the perfect location to reach a large number of clients and customers too.

Reduced Risk: There are always potential risks when entrepreneurs decide to jump into a new business venture and usually if they have substantial amounts on a physical office, their money usually goes down the drain.

Beneficial for Business Promotion: With a business that is running via a virtual office, it can be easily marketing and promoted on the internet, without spending the least amount of money or not even spending at all.


Ultimately, a virtual office will allow you, and any employees that you might have, to work from any location using the above mentioned technology. Along with the above benefits, this will also increase the appeal and convenience of running your own business.

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