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Branch Office Mumbai welcomes you to . We, together with our associates and subsidiaries, offer services subject to our standing preconditions. While visiting our website or availing our services you, as our customer, agree to accept these terms and conditions. Further, while using present or future services offered by Branch Office or its affiliates/ subsidiaries but not yet appearing in you stand to agree by these same terms and conditions. These instructions and terms of agreement to which you are subject to as a user or viewer of our website must be carefully studied and understood.

When using this website, you as its user hereby stand to abide by these terms of agreement. Terms mentioned herein under are liable to change without any prior notice or information and as per our discretion. These terms of use also govern purchases, services and/or orders made thorough this website.

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We, at our sole discretion, may make changes for inaccuracies and errors without any prior notice to our users. Likewise price changes, updating of information and availability of services and products could be made without any prior intimation to users. Weights and measures as mentioned in are indicative and must never be treated as sacrosanct. Prices indicated are in US $/ INR and any processing charges are also in this same currency. Prices displayed in our website are also indicative and liable to change without prior information. These indicative prices are subject to confirmation. Under these terms and conditions, you agree to pay the price that is shown as payable against your order. We herewith reserve the right to execute orders or limit purchases of products or services. Orders could also be cancelled as per our discretion.

Branch Office does not stand responsible for delayed deliveries or deliveries that are not within our control. Deliveries are executed by third parties and governed by autonomous shipping contracts. The company also stands the right not to execute deliveries to certain destinations/ addresses.

Your Account

While using this website, it is your responsibility to maintain your account’s confidentiality and its access. You stand to agree to use your account with complete responsibility. You also hereby accept responsibility for all actions and transactions that take place under your password or in your account. We sell our products and services against payments through credit cards which, by default, are owned by adults. Users must have attained the age of 18 years for using our website. In the event a user is below 18 years of age, usage of this website is through the involvement of a guardian. Branch Office Mumbai, with its subsidiaries and affiliates, reserves the right to disallow its services, dishonour orders, edit or remove website content and terminate services of a user.

Electronic Communication

While communicating with us through or via e-mails, you do so electronically and consent to receive communications also electronically. You also hereby stand to agree that all such communications, postings, notices and agreements that you receive electronically are in essence and purpose as good as a written document and satisfies all legalities.

Postage Deposit

Your funds in postage deposit are used to cover costs towards mailing, fees receivables, and any other such incidental charges. Such funds, though non-refundable, do not have any validity period or expiry date. These funds remain operable till the time of availing mail forwarding services.

Mail forwarding Service and First Class Address Fees and Details

  • Personal Registration – You with your spouse get registered for receiving mails;
  • Corporate Registration – A company together with two of its representatives might register for receiving mails.
  • Cost - contact for pricing with additional pieces being charged @ ‐‐‐ per piece contact for pricing.
  • Actual postage – Additional percentage contact for details
  • Change of address - contact for details
  • Frequency – Repacked and forwarded once a week to address furnished by you.
  • Carrier – Until otherwise specified, all mailings are carried out by
  • Filters – Only 1st class mails forwarded and junk mails filtered working towards keeping costs controlled.
  • For every 'package' received, a per occurrence charge of contact for pricing is chargeable except checks and bank packages. A package is defined that is not less than 1lbs by weight and that demands a Customs Declaration. Packages sent out of India will be mandatorily opened for making customs declaration before being forwarded. We, as your office representative, enjoy the right of opening such mails that come to our office for onward dispatch. This is usually done for packages or for mails making certain that they are not junk. Accounts Receivable Services mails also are treated equally. Our carrier needs Customs Declarations for goods having commercial value or weighing at least 1lbs. It may please be noted that ours being only an office, we are equipped to handle packages of up to 30lbs. Any packaging going beyond this limit would be summarily returned. However, depending on our discretion, we may forward your package at an additional cost of contact for pricing. A record of packing is made as and when they are received by our office and not when they are sent out.

    In the event, a consignment is needed to be withheld for over two consecutive Wednesdays either because of unavailability of adequate postage or because of customer’s request, a "storage fee" amounting to contact for pricing per week is charged beyond these two Wednesdays. This charge is over and above the actual shipping costs.

    We, on case to case basis, honor special requests of e-mailing and scanning mails before actual forwarding. Any such special requests are chargeable @contact for pricing per hour in increments of XXXX minutes, subject to a minimum of contact for pricing.

    Risk of Loss

    Items mailed and/or shipped by Branch Office Mumbai are carried out in accordance to shipment contract. This implies that our risk of title and loss is limited till such time when it is delivered to our carriers.

    Payment and Refunds

    All quoted prices as they appear in invoices, e-mails or correspondences are discounted. In other words, you pay as if by cash or money order.

    No refunds are made once a consignment has been booked and thereafter cancelled.

    Copyright Considerations

    Graphic and textual content as displayed on, domain name, our organization and our presentation material are our property and licensed by Branch Office Mumbai. All such materials are copyrighted individually as well as in aggregate, unless otherwise indicated. Material used or displayed under no circumstance may be copied, posted, republished, or reproduced in any manner whatsoever. However the same may be displayed, downloaded or printed for lawful personal and non-commercial purposes. The publications and reproduction of the same in any form, without our written permission, are strictly forbidden.

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    User Provided Content

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    Our website cannot be used for activities such as loan or any other illegal activities in accordance with laws governing sending of packages or content in India.

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    Liability of Branch Office Mumbai

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